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CSM suite of services are unparalleled in the E-rate consulting industry. Our personalized attention to your E-rate program is what makes our company the premier provider of consulting services throughout the state of California and other states across the nation. Our office locations have been strategically placed throughout the state to ensure that you consistently receive the most comprehensive service available.

Our Services

CSM offers a complete end-to-end solution for your E-Rate problems. We are with you every step of the way from initial planning through final receipt of all of the approved dollars that you are eligible for. We prepare your forms, manage your PIA, advocate for your individual challenges and coordinate the process after the process for you, completely.

Additionally, as a result of the intensive audits that are being conducted every year, CSM has developed an audit preparation service that will essentially allow you to present the finished product to your auditors when they arrive on site. Since we have supported our clients through 21 on-site audits over the past 2 years alone, we KNOW what the auditors want when they arrive and we can speak their language. Let us help you secure priceless piece of mind that you are audit compliant in every stage of your process.

E-rate Background

As part of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, E-rate is a federal program that allows school districts and libraries to apply for discounts on telecommunication services and advanced telecommunications products and services. The main categories that are eligible for funding include Telecom Services, Internet Access, Internal Connections and Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections.

Under the E-rate program, school districts can receive E-rate discounts on these services, based on the poverty level reported under the NSLP program. Due to the complexity of the E-rate program, the process of applying and monitoring your district's E-rate can be a daunting task. CSM has more than 70 years of experience working with E-rate and will guide your district through the maze of paperwork and compliance while providing you with piece of mind. Ensuring that your district meets local procurement regulations is an essential element to operating a successful program and CSM will work closely with district staff to create a winning process.

The timelines associated with the program are very tight and the processes have to be integrated with state and local procurement guidelines. Coordination of this effort can be overwhelming and is often the reason that many applicants shy away from realizing their full potential. CSM are experts at this coordination and in fostering a team effort between the various stakeholders throughout the District. Let us help you maximize your return while minimizing your effort.

Additional Information

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    For 2011, we welcome the newest Districts to our CSM family of Services:
      * Palm Beach County School District
      * Dubuque Community Schools
      * Basset Unified School District
      * Hayward Unified School District
      * Imperial COE
      * Heritage Peak Charter
      * Grass Valley School District
      * Orland Unified

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  • Testimonials

    “I've had the pleasure of working with CSM for about seven years now and their expertise in the E-rate field never ceases to amaze me. Their knowledge of the E-rate rules, regulations, forms and timelines are unsurpassed. Just as important, they have contacts at the SLD to get the right answers and fight for what's right for our organization. They can take a world of worries off your back and help you get the discounts that your organization deseves.”
    - Scott Sexsmith,
    Executive Director,
    Technology & Info. Services
    Monterey COE

    “We are a very satisfied customer of CSM as they provide excellent advice and support. Kim Friends is the most knowledgeable person I know within E-rate and is always a pleasure to work with.”
    - Aaron Barnett,
    Director, IT Systems
    Moreno Valley USD


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